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General Information And Questions regarding Your Maternity UIF Claim

Who can claim Maternity UIF?

You must be a South African citizen and have a bar-coded ID Book.
Mom’s, who pay UIF every month, can claim UIF maternity benefits, from the Department of Labour for four months.
If you are adopting a child under the age of two years.
Self-employed individuals, who are members of a Closed Corporation or a Company may claim Maternity UIF.
Foreign nationals with a valid passport (who fulfill all other UIF criteria for a claim).

Unfortunately we cannot assist foreign clients , without an ID book.

How much will I receive?
For how long will I receive UIF Maternity benefits?
Can I claim if I am still earning my full salary?
Can I claim Maternity UIF if I resign while I am pregnant?
How long before I receive my first UIF payment?
Can the Department see if I receive any money into my account and reject my claim?
Is there a time limit to when I can claim?
When am I supposed to submit my application to the UIF?
Can I claim if I get paid by the hour?
I am already on maternity leave, can I still claim?
How will I be paid?
I have changed jobs in the last four years, how does this affect my claim?
Will I be taxed?
Can I claim maternity UIF benefits if I am the owner of my own business?
I am a Non-South African Employee?
I have been retrenched or my contract ended, can I still claim UIF benefits?
What forms from the department of Labour will I need to fill in ?
Who cannot claim maternity UIF?
Is the benefit paid as a salary?
Do we take comission on the Maternity UIF Benefit?


Please do not make any payment to Baby benefits UIF if any of the following conditions apply to you.
  • If you have not been contributing to the UIF fund.
  • If you are the sole proprietor of a company.
  • If you still receive 100% of your salary whilst on maternity leave.
  • If you have claimed other UIF benefits in the last 4 years (excluding maternity).
  • If you have been dismissed.
  • If your baby is older than 6 months.
  • If you do not have a bar coded ID.
Please contact us, via email or phone and we will assist you personally.
Register online or contact us for a registration form:

Fee Structure:

  • We charge a once off fee of
  • Package One R795
  • Package Two R495 
  • Package Three R245 
  • Your claim will not be processed unless we have received full payment.
  • Once we have received your proof of payment we will start the process immediately.