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General Information And Questions regarding Your Maternity UIF Claim

Who can claim Maternity UIF?

You must be a South African citizen and have a bar-coded ID Book.
Mom’s, who pay UIF every month, can claim UIF maternity benefits, from the Department of Labour for four months.
If you are adopting a child under the age of two years.
Self-employed individuals, who are members of a Closed Corporation or a Company may claim Maternity UIF.
Foreign nationals with a valid passport (who fulfill all other UIF criteria for a claim).

Unfortunately we cannot assist foreign clients , without an ID book.

How much will I receive?
For how long will I receive UIF Maternity benefits?
Can I claim if I am still earning my full salary?
Can I claim Maternity UIF if I resign while I am pregnant?
How long before I receive my first UIF payment?
Can the Department see if I receive any money into my account and reject my claim?
Is there a time limit to when I can claim?
When am I supposed to submit my application to the UIF?
Can I claim if I get paid by the hour?
I am already on maternity leave, can I still claim?
How will I be paid?
I have changed jobs in the last four years, how does this affect my claim?
Will I be taxed?
Can I claim maternity UIF benefits if I am the owner of my own business?
I am a Non-South African Employee?
I have been retrenched or my contract ended, can I still claim UIF benefits?
What forms from the department of Labour will I need to fill in ?
Who cannot claim maternity UIF?
Is the benefit paid as a salary?
Do we take comission on the Maternity UIF Benefit?


Please do not make any payment to Baby benefits UIF if any of the following conditions apply to you.
  • If you have not been contributing to the UIF fund.
  • If you are the sole proprietor of a company.
  • If you still receive 100% of your salary whilst on maternity leave.
  • If you have claimed other UIF benefits in the last 4 years (excluding maternity).
  • If your baby is older than 12 months.
  • If you do not have a bar coded ID.
  • If you are not aware that we cannot phone the UIF on your behalf.
  • If you are not aware that it is your employers responsibility to keep employment records up to date.
Please contact us, via email or phone and we will assist you personally.
Register online or contact us for a registration form: 

Fee Structure:

  • We charge a once off fee of R699
  • Your claim will not be processed unless we have received full payment.
  • Once we have received your proof of payment we will start the process immediately.

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